Brush Buddies products were developed with a mindset to make brushing fun. We developed a line of character-based toothbrushes that kids would love. To appeal to both boys and girls, using cute animals was the obvious choice. Each of our Brush Buddies categories are unique and we have developed multiple items for you to pick from:

Brush Buddies Talking is a line of educational talking timer toothbrushes inspired by both children and dentists. The first five characters are Wanda Whiskers (kitten), Pricilla Piggles (pig), Bow-Wow Brewster (puppy), Moo Reece (cow), and Swingin’ Sammy (monkey). Dentists and hygienists recommend that children properly brush for 2 minutes. With this in mind, a push of a button will start the audio that educates the child on how to brush for the full 2 minutes. Each character’s unique personality comes through with a fun voice and an addictive soundtrack to make the process of educating kids on good oral hygiene fun.

Brush Buddies Poppin’ is the newest addition to the Brush Buddies family. Each of the Poppin’ designs are fun, animal characters which currently includes Leapin’ Louie (frog), Milky Wayne (cow), Rickie (lion), Toothy Toby (tiger), and Haily (elephant). The character’s head functions as a protective toothbrush cap. What makes them fun is that the child can push on their belly buttons and the spring-loaded mechanism makes the brush extend out of the body. This design will attract children because the toothbrush looks and acts like a toy with the poppin’ action.